On 06/09/2015 02:05 AM, Peter Pernhofer wrote:
> Hi everybody
> especially Hi to the GIMP-Team!

Hi Peter,

> I'm desperate and can not believe that something like this is possible.
> That's why I signed up for this mailing list.

signing up and posting this to the gimp-developer list might have been
slightly better, but let's discuss the basics here.

> I bought an expensive graphics tablet to draw with it. Of course! We don't
> need to discuss that painting with a Mouse is painful.
> BUT!!
> It is just as painful, to operate on controls with the Stylus. Such as
> Checkboxes, Sliders, Lists (Lists with Scrollbars!!! Who wants to scroll
> with a Pen instead with a Wheel-Mouse ???).
> No one will throw his mouse, just because he owns a Tablet. In GIMP
> however, anyone has decided that we can not longer use the mouse when we
> use a tablet?!?!?!

I guess you have also started the thread at

You got some answers and hints there already - in particular that GIMP
is designed to be used with mouse&keyboard or tablet&keyboard

Many of the actions can be done by keyboard shortcuts - and you might
also be able to assign some tablet keys to them.

> I simply want to choose a Pen, a Brush, an Erasor, configurate Brush-Size,
> Drawing-Dynamics, change a Gradient, etc, etc, etc...
> Without remembering each time, if I've done this with the Mouse or the
> Stylus.

You can even get multiple styluses for some graphics tablets - then you
are even supposed to remember which one of those you were using.

BTW, your dynamics curve adjustment example (if I got that right, that
is) from the forum thread seems a bit off to me - modifying those with
the mouse and then using them with a stylus-controlled tool works
perfectly fine for me. Maybe you can point out if I'm missing something

> That can not be true!
> This can not be serious!

Well, it is true and serious for now.

> I am Software Developer since 15 years and my clients would kill me, if
> there is no Option to en-/disable a so far-reaching "Feature".

No, they would request that to become a feature, or report it as a bug.

Just as it was done for that one already:

The approach was from a slightly different angle, but the issue is
effectively the same.

So what's needed is for someone to design the user interaction for that,
for example fast and easy switching between

  - "mouse sets tablet device settings"
  - "mouse is an independent device"

and of cousre indicating why the mouse is acting that way in each of
those modes.

Then, somone has to implement it.

I understand that you are offering your 15 years of developer experience
to help with that.

We can help to get you up to speed with the GIMP and GTK+ code necessary
for that. Our IRC channel #gimp on irc.gimp.org usually works best for
the highly interactive discussions at the start of such endeavors. The
best times to meet us there are European evening hours.

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