On 13/06/15 02:15, GuyDuff wrote:
Hi, I'm new to gimp and even newer to the group.   Can not login to the gimp
site anymore and so I'm really grateful for this forum.   I'm trying to create
new brushes.  I've created a brush image i want to export to a brush.  I export
it to a gbr in the correct directory and then refresh the brushes.  Nothing ever
shows up in the brush listing.  I am using Windows 7 and Gimp 2.8.    What am I
missing?  I am using the following folder to export my new brush creations:

C:\users\myusername\gimp-2.8\brushes as specified in my gimp folder preferences
for brushes.

I've tried the other folder as well:
C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\brushes

No luck with either.  I've started both with an XCF and a JPG and neither is
showing up.  I've restarted gimp, rebooted but no matter what I do the new gbr
files don't show up in the gimp brushes.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'll attach one of the gbr files.

The brushes work for me... But since you didn't give them a description, they appear in the list as "Gimp Brush" and "Gimp Brush Pipe" and not under the file names... So maybe you are just not looking for them at the right place. "View as list" allows you to check for names....

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