That's happening because the program is not getting a discrete "mouse-up" 
signal. Are  you using the mouse or a stylus-tablet? Most of the stylus-tablet 
combinations I've used have a "click-lock" function. The most usual cause for 
this problem is that something is calling that function, usually a setting in 
the tablet software or button layout. For example, if you have a button near 
the tip of the stylus set to click-lock, and you inadvertently press it 
slightly, that could do it. The same sort of thing can happen with a mouse, or 
a trackpad. One of the sneakiest ways is when you have a trackpad, but are 
using the mouse or stylus, and unconsciously touch the trackpad—or even a key 
on the keyboard. Is "caps lock" set?

If you've modified the keyboard commands, that could also cause a signal 

First thing to do is quit, reboot, and relaunch GIMP. Normal system changes 
sometimes cause temporary erratic behavior in some apps, and graphics programs 
are particularly vulnerable, even the most robust. Make sure you have the 
latest compatible device driver for your OS.

If the problem still occurs, does it occur with all input devices, or only with 
one? In that case, check that device's settings. If the problem doesn't seem to 
be there, check the system settings to make sure it is recognizing the device 
properly. Finally, if possible, check the hardware by using another similar 


On Jun 20, 2015, at 10:49 AM, Dora Smith wrote:

> Right, I do.  Problem is that it keeps drawing lines.
> Dora
> -----Original Message----- From: Ross Martinek
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> Subject: [Gimp-user] How do I get the lasso tool to stop adding lines?
> The first place you click, you will see a circle that is momentarily filled 
> with yellow. Continue clicking or dragging, then close the selection shape by 
> moving the cursor over the starting point. When you are at the correct point, 
> that original click point, with the yellow filled circle, will reappear. 
> Click in it to close the shape.
> Ross
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