There is something here it would be well for software developers to keep in 
mind: The human mind is not a computer. It does not work from logic alone. (A 
case can be made that it rarely, if ever works logically.) What is logical and 
forthright to one human will be obscure to another. Sometime it seems 
astonishing to me that humans can communicate at all.

The interaction between programmer, machine, and user is like the following 

A person who speaks Tagalog is talking to a person who speaks Urdu, through a 
translator that understands both Tagalog and Urdu, but actually thinks in 
Swahili. Things don't always come across as intended.

Over time (less when the programmer is good) all three start to understand not 
the others' languages, but the way they think. That is what is happening here. 
However, I think the consensus is that it isn't the way the software is 
written. It's the fact that learning any advanced graphics software is, at 
times, mind boggling.


On Jul 4, 2015, at 4:16 AM, steven8 wrote:

>> Yes, I got that. But can you still try to describe the steps you took
>> back then, and tell us what was puzzling you?
>> In case it is not obvious, I'm current reading and re-reading this
>> thread and wondering: "what exactly are/were they seeing?"
> Well, it's hard to remember, exactly.  I recall having a few issues with the
> lasso tool.  And by that, I don't mean that the tool did not work as it was
> supposed to, it was me as a user that probably constricted myself.
> I recall firstly being frustrated by the fact that if I had to enlarge my 
> image
> big enough that it went beyond the edge of the window, that the window would 
> not
> automatically scroll when I had to go beyond the edge, as it does in Paintshop
> Pro, which I was used to when I found GIMP.  I didn't think you could grab a
> scroll bar, move the window, then continue your selection.  I would zoom the
> image til it all fit, then select as best I could.
> Also, I must not have been grabbing the first selection point properly, 
> because
> it wouldn't close.  I found myself trying to make my selections so that I 
> could
> double click to close it, and the straight line would complete my selection 
> area
> as best it could.
> They seem so silly now, but were quite frustrating at the time.
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