I have a pdf of scanned images, theoretically jpeg images, and the gimp
will offer me a selection dialog, from which it will import them
individually as 1304x932 at 100 px/in. (This is odd, because I selected
300dpi at scan time, so the images should be 3 times that pixel density.
But, then, 22Mb for 36 images is not 13" x 9" at 300 dpi, unless heavily

ImageMagick's identify -verbose tells me the same are 1032x728 at 72 dpi.
If I use ImageMagick's convert to extract them, that's how they end up.

Anyone have an idea what's happening?

Joel Rees

Computer memory is just fancy paper,
CPUs just fancy pens.
All is a stream of text
flowing from the past into the future.
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