On 13/07/15 00:33, KojiKawano wrote:
There is no need to file a bug. This has been going on for a while
with UFRaw and GIMP.

Trying updating to version 0.21 or even the CVS version.
Is there online resource as to how I can update UFRaw to 0.21 or update CVS
version? In my install on Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.4), I don't see 'raw image
3fr,arl' or any other 'raw image' option available in the 'Select File Type'
list. There is 'Raw Image Data' with extension data in the list, but that does
not open .NEF files correctly.

"Raw image data" is actually "raw binary image data" (bitmaps without even a header to give height&width) not "raw camera sensor data" (this entry predates digital photography...).

UFRaw (standalone or plugin) is slowly falling behind other de-mosaicing apps. You should consider using other apps (RawTherapee, Darktable...) and then switch to Gimp for local editing towards the end of the process. Using your camera manufacturer's standard application (Nikon Capture for you) is also an option (if there is an OSX version).
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