>I have interleaved some responses
>Is there a reason you're not using the latest version- 2.8.14 ?
>It's generally considered a bad idea to put extras in the GIMP system

>I recommend you take this up on one of the GIMP forums (gimpchat.com
>or gimpforums.com) as there's plenty of people who can help.

I'll respect your suggestion to take the matter up over where you have replied
to me at gimpforums.com

In reply to your ancillary comments above.

I installed 2.8.6 on my machine in mid 2013. I'm really not an "artist" I use
the program mostly to get my PC to do things that I need it to do. So, I really
only started using Gimp regularly about a year ago.  Documentation is sparse and
the learning curve (for a n00b) is steep. It took me a while to get to the point
where "extras" were something I thought I might need. So, only recently has the
thought of improving my Gimp experience entered the picture.

I put the extras where I did  pretty much mimicking the directory structure that
the install routine used  when it incorrectly installed to C:\Program Files
x86\Gimp..., except I moved them to the correct C:\Program Files\Gimp...


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