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New to this Forum!!
I run GIMP 2.8 on PClinuxOS. I just found out about three very interesting
plug-ins developed by Member devvv in 2009. I downloaded the three py files -
Restore.py, brighten.py and remove-spots.py.

I have followed these installation steps ...

2. Copy it to the plug-in directory of GIMP (Linux: /home/.gimp
3. Make the script executable, (in the plug-ins folder – with a Terminal write
“chmod a+x restore.py”.
4. Launch GIMP and you should find a new main menu entry named “Restore”.
5. Open up a scan/photo and apply the plug-in.

But when I open GIMP, (even after a re-boot), I can not find any option
"Restore", (or the others).

Any help would be appreciated as I need to be able to work on old colour photos
for re-publication.


Pretoria RSA

ianw (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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