OK, so I’ve noticed what seems to be a bug in GIMP. I’vegotten it to do this 
three times now. 

I’ll post it in a more appropriate location, once I confirmI’m not crazy.

If I have a gimp session open, and have been working in itfor a while, I’ve 
noticed that if I double-click on an XCF file, to open it;GIMP dumps my 
existing open session, with NO warning whatsoever, and reopensanew, with the 
requested image. 

Any (unsaved) work done in the previous session simply…vanishes. 

Subsequent attempts to open other XCF files from that pointon, just open a new 
window, as expected; in the same session. 

I’m not sure what it takes to trigger the other less desirable…let’s call it 
ambitious open/file process, other than time. After it does this…thing, I can 
open and close GIMP repeatedly and it works as one would expect –openinga new 
window in the same session. But for some reason, after a session has beenopen 
for a while (think days), clicking an XCF file to open it, causes theexisting 
GIMP session to abort/abend/awhig-out?

This is 2.8.14 on a Windoze 7 machine.


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