>I tried to use UFRaw to convert my RAW files to jpg.
>The problem is that the exported files are very blurry. The camera
>created jpg files are nice and sharp.
>If i view the RAW file with IrfanView then this is sharp too.
>Denoise is set to 0, and JPG comp level is at 100. There does not seem
>to be a sharpen option.
>What could cause UFRAW to mess up the images? Am i doing something
>wrong or is it just crap?

I don't think that UFRaw has messed up your image - it is simply that UFRaw
doesn't have a sharpening option whereas your camera is sharpening the jpeg
(quite strongly) in camera.

If you use UFRaw you have to accept that you need to sharpen in GIMP afterwards
(I normally use the Unsharp Mask 2 V0.12 plug-in for this).

Alternatively use Darktable, RawTherapee or, if you have a Fuji camera, S7raw.

Also note that UFRaw is giving you slightly more information at the edges of the
image (more pixels in both dimensions) than the camera jpg.

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