I have been using GIMP for a while, but I'm still a learner.
I have searched for similar topics but never found a solution to my problem.

There is something that is driving me crazy : when I click on a layer to turn it
off or on, and then I want to move around my image by pressing the space bar
(and moving my mouse), it turns on/off the layer I just clicked on.

If I want the space bar to move my image again, I have to click on my image
first, and then press space bar.

I cannot understand how that can be useful. Maybe it is for some people, but I
just want the space bar to move my image, and NOTHING ELSE, regardless of the
last button I clicked on. If I want to turn on or off a layer, I just click on

Is there a way to force the space bar to do the action "move image with mouse",
regardless of the last button I clicked on, and without having to click in the
middle of my image first? One more thing, I know that the scrollwheel click does
exactly what I am asking for, but I want this functionality to work when I press
space bar because... I hate clicking on the scrollwheel.

Thank you for your answer, even in the case you just tell me that cannot be
I would probably cry. A lot.

Hexi (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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