On 06/09/15 16:12, Susan C Davis wrote:
  New user, or trying to be.....
I entered my first "search" to find a photo and was told I need to have "indexer 
daemon" activated.  I found online where to put a check mark to make this work in Computer, 
except it was already checked.
I am getting nowhere.  I am about ready to remove Gimp from my computer, but 
someone said it might help me fix my eBay jewelry photos better than Picasa.
I have spent months trying to do this.  Now your site actually doesn't give us 
much in the way of contacting Gimp people.  I finally found this address.
So, how to I get indexer daemon to work?  I can't even access the Help on the 
Gimp site.  I went to the online Gimp Help, and it isn't helping!  I think this 
program is far too advanced for me.
If I can't access a photo file, then what?


As far as I know there is no "indexer" in Gimp... Gimp doesn't search pictures, it edits them. If Gimp is correctly installed, once you have found the picture (by any means..., ) opening it with Gimp is one of the choices...

Picasa is a photomanager with some editing capabilities, Gimp is just a powerful image editor. You can keep managing your pictures with Picasa, and you can edit them with Gimp once you have located them in Picasa (Gimp is likely a choice in the right click menu).
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