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On 09/14/2015 10:23 AM, steveyraff wrote:
Hey guys,

So, I am designing graphics for a product. The image I am using is of a friends
painting. I also have a photo of thats friends signature - wrote with black pen
on a white page.

Is there anyway I can paste the writing only (without the white page background)
on top of the artwork image? The signature is wrote in black pen, so I'd need to
import the signature and then change its colour to white, so that it will show
up over the artwork.
The basic answer is, to put the text image on a layer above the
painting, and with that layer 'current', and do Colors > Color to
alpha, converting white pixels to clear ones.

On a slightly more grungy practical note, the "white" paper with the
signature is far from that.  It might pay to start by doing Colors >
Desaturate on the text bearing layer, to simplify the situation.
Then do Filters > Generic > Erode to "thicken" the lines of the
signature a bit.  Then do Colors > Brightness / Contrast and dial
the contrast way up to isolate the black lines on a white
background, THEN do Colors > Color to Alpha to make the white

A bit of cropping (Layers > Crop layer to selection), and some work
with the Eraser tool to remove the not-clear region to the left of
the signature, should give you a plain black signature to lay on top
of the painting.

It may also pay to duplicate the finished signature layer; invert
the color of the lower copy; apply a bit of blur, and move the
lower, white-line layer around a little to provide a contrasting
outline behind the black signature, if a more visible & legible
presentation of the signature is wanted.

Or some such thing; lots of approaches are possible.



A nice technique to clean scanned docs or photos of ancient paper:

 * duplicate the layer
 * blur the top layer heavily, about 10x the tickness of the details (I
   used 400px)
 * put the top layer in "Grain extract" mode
 * Layer>New from visible and streach contrast or better, use Curves.

Result; http://i.imgur.com/iaqLxT2.png

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