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> Hi
> I am trying to cut and paste an image if a ring ...there is an inner edge and
> an outer edge.. and obviously the part in the middle should be cut away... I
> have tried to do this, but when i click enter , the dancing ants dont appear

You can remove an inner selection from an outer selection - see "subtract mode"
here: http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-tools-selection.html . You may also find the
channels feature more convenient for you -
http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-channel-dialog.html .

> 1. How do i move from the outside to the inside without cutting accross the
> ring 2. How do i do this task
> 3 How do i switch the scissor tool off, since it transfers to the new layer
> 4.In general , how do you switch the tools off
> Thanks



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