2015/09/17 4:35 "Grace Kays (TEMA TOC)" <grace.k...@tema.toyota.com>:
> Hi,

Hi , Grace,

> My name is Grace Kays and I work in Trade Compliance at Toyota Motor
Engineering and Manufacturing North America.

My name is Joel and I am not connected in any way with the gimp developers
or other support members of the community, except as a user.

> What is the export commodities classification number (ECCN) for Gimp
Photo Editor?

You might find this thread on a gimp support web forum helpful:


And have you read the information available at

http://gimp.org  ?

I think you will particularly want to read the FAQs and certain parts of
the developer's wiki.

But you might ask your legal team and your engineering team to talk to each
other about whether it's really necessary to ask such questions. (Are you
planning on exporting it or importing it?)

Note that this suggestion does not constitute legal advice. As is suggested
in that forum thread, you might contact the free software foundation. I
think they have lawyers who can tell your lawyers more about how the gimp
should be treated relative to export regulations for the USA.

> Thank you,
> Grace Kays  |  Trade Compliance
> Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA)

Joel Rees

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CPUs just fancy pens.
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flowing from the past into the future.
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