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> Hi,
> I've just downloaded the latest Gimp for the first time. However, I'm very
> frustrated. All I get when I open Gimp is a big empty box, no tools of any
> sort. It looks nothing like the screen shots in the manual! Along the top of
> the box are the menus but that's all. When I open a photograph in it, it
> appears as a small thumbnail that I'm unable to do anything with. Also, by
> default, when looking for images, it is set to recognise "All Files" but it
> doesn't do so, I have to select a different file then choose all files again
> to see the images. Hope you can help, I'm becoming extremely frustrated!
> Many thanks.

1. I hope you downloaded GIMP from http://www.gimp.org/downloads/ .

2. What is your system: operating system, version, CPU, CPU architecture,
versions, etc.

3. Can you provide a screenshot of your screen when GIMP is running? You can use
http://imgur.com/ to share it online (or any other site that does not require
JavaScript to be enabled for its images to be viewed).

4. Did you try running GIMP in a new operating system user account?


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