>I viewed a few tutorials on how to move a selection around in an image
>but none of them explained things enough for me so I could actually
>move the selection I'm working with!
>Following the tutorial, 
>I selected the object I wanted to work with, with the Rectangular
>Selection Tool.
>Then, "Cut."
>"Paste as"............"New layer."
>So, first, the object disappeared when I CUT it.
>But then when I went "Past as"... "New layer," nothing happened.  The
>selected object didn't appear the way it was shown in the tutorial! 
>So, (of course), I couldn't do anything further.  :(
>Can anyone tell me what's going on here?

Having pasted the selection as a new layer:

1. Select the layer - left click on it in the layers dialog (it may already be
selected - you could try omitting this step)
2. Use the "Move Tool: Move layers, selections and other objects" (a cross icon
with arrows at the end of each arm)

Of course you could use Copy rather than Cut if you don't want to leave a hole
in the original image

Use "Image/Flatten Image" when you have finished

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