On 13/11/15 16:08, glas wrote:
Whilst using this tool it has recently begun to draw its own lines part way
through and thus complete the selection for me - trouble is, I've never finished
what I'm actually trying to select!!  I've deleted and re-installed the
application, but it is still doing it.  Has something changed (for example, is
there perhaps a setting that says it should try to predict what I'm trying to
select based on some algorithm or other)?  Right now, the tool is completely
useless.  Thanks

The tool does that when it gets a double-click, so it is likely that something in your system is emitting stray double-clicks. I have had this happen to me with an aging mouse (these double click are caused by worn out contacts bouncing). If you have a wireless mouse check the batteries.

Btw, when this happens, all is not lost, you can add/subtract further selections to what you have got.
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