Recently I've gotten into the habit of staring at the Task Manager on my
computer during CPU, RAM, and HDD intensive tasks. One such task for the
CPU is rendering large image files (i.e. 10187px x 5093px) in GIMP. Today I
noticed that during the rendering process, only about 29% of my CPU was
being used. GIMP capped out at around 25% which suggests that GIMP is only
using one of my 4 cores for rendering. Looking into the preferences, I
noticed there was an option to set how many CPUs or Cores I wanted GIMP to
use but it was already set to four.

This confused me so I did some research and the only link I was able to
find that explained anything was this one: . In the article, the author
explain which functions in GIMP actually use the amount of cores you set in
the Preferences and rendering doesn't seem to be one of them.

My questions now are, is there any way to enable multi core rendering in
GIMP? Is it even possible or does the current exporting code not support
multi core rendering in any way? If there is no way to do this, are there
plans to make it possible in future version of GIMP?

Thank you,

Kasim Ahmic
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