I am still learning about digital photography. I developed my first roll
of film in 1946, by hand in my grandmothers bathroom.

Since I am learning masking techniques, I wonder if someone could
explain the contradiction of these two scripts.

This web page has a download link of a script from "Download from:
Google Drive" at produces a file called


This file cannot be used because when copied into .gimp-2.8/scripts/
the script entry is not visible on the pull-down menus of gimp.

On the other hand the older script called "Luminosity_masks.scm" does
work from some older web pages and does cause the scripts pull-down menu
to appear. When the channels menu is invoked from this script the other
masks disappear.

Can someone explain this? Any help would be appreciated.


Jack C Denman
H: (714) 680-4253
C: (714) 515-9365

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