2015-11-30 20:03 GMT+01:00 Asif Lodhi <asif.lo...@gmail.com>:
> As an aside, I also came to know about HarfBuzz while reading the release
> notes about the implementation components.In naming "HarfBuzz", the
> developer has actually swapped the letters "u" and "a" - so the real name
> should have been "HurfBazz", which are basically two Urdu (or may be
> Persian as well) words "Hurf" (meaning single character/letter) and Bazz
> (something/somebody that does everything with something). So, HurfBazz
> really means something whose main job is to manipulate characters which is
> what the code does. The developer has written the correct HurfBazz (حرف
> باز) in Persian on his own page but he has switched the letters "u" and "a"
> in the English version "HarfBuzz", perhaps just for fun.
> The name is very fitting for the software but I wonder why he swapped the
> characters u and a.
I think the only one who can tell you the answer is Behdad Esfahbod. I
think you can find his E-Mail address on his homepage:

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