El mar, 01-12-2015 a las 15:21 -0500, Alex Vergara Gil escribió:
> Hello!
> Is there a way of importing ai files into gimp? I know i canuse them
> in inkscape but i need to insert some figures in my project, i need
> them to be very resolutive but converting them to png is not what i
> expect, results are a disaster. Any hints?

It's not clear what you need to do. Do you need to insert figures into
your AI file, or do you need to take some figures from the AI and use
them in your GIMP project?

Gimp should be able to import ai files since they are based on PDF
(from illustrator 10). If it doesn't, try to rename your file.ai to
file.pdf and try again.

Note, however, that importing them into GIMP will result in the
rasterization of the vector shapes (turning them into bitmap images).
If you want to keep them as vectors, GIMP is not the program you want.
Also, if you want to keep the shapes separated from the background,
rasterization could be a problem too.


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