I have a gimp layer with some text.  What I want to do is select the text
and then clone a pattern from elsewhere on the drawing (from another layer)
onto the text outline.  So far no luck.

I make the text layer active.  I can select the text using the Select by
Color tool and I can do a Bucket Fill of a solid color into the selection,
but I cannot clone into the selection.  I have tried a number of other things
such as Text to Path without any success.

Of course I can accomplish what I want  by merging the layers and then
selecting the text, but, if possible, I would like to do this in some way
that doesn't lose the text layer.

One other thought I had was to duplicate the layer and then convert that
layer from text to graphics, however I don't see any way to accomplish

Any suggestion?  Thanks.

Jeff Small

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