Steve Kinney <> writes:

>On 12/02/2015 08:03 PM, Jeffery Small wrote:
>> Thanks for the tips regarding Discard Text Information and the Alpha
>> Channel Lock.  I have tried this and it still is not working.  When I
>> first did this and tried to clone from another layer, I realize that the
>> converted text layer was just the bounding box for the text and I could not
>> clone from outside this region, so I then did a Layer to Image Size.  From
>> testing, it looks like this operation by itself discards text information
>> if you didn't already do that step yourself.  In any case, I am unable to
>> draw at all on the converted text layer.  Not only can I not clone, but I
>> cannot use Bucket Fill or draw with a pencil or brush.  I can draw on all
>> other layers, but not this one.
>> I feel as though I'm missing something basic here.  Any other ideas?
>I just did a quick test to verify that I got the directions given
>earlier right, and everything worked as expected.  But!
>If you are cloning content from one layer to another:
>* In the Layers dock, select the layer you will be cloning FROM.
>* With your brush tool, hold down the ALT key and left-click on the
>image canvas, at the location you want to clone from.
>* In the Layers dock, select the layer you will be cloning TO.
>* With your brush tool, left click and drag your brush tool on the
>image canvas to clone from the source layer into the destination layer.
>I got "out of sync" with that process a couple of times when doing
>my little test image; so maybe some variation of that is what you
>are up against.  It's all I can think of...


That did it!  I had no idea that you had to set the clone-from layer when
placing the clone point.  I always assumed that whatever was visible was
what would be cloned so long as the layer boundary covered that cloned
region.  Understanding this will probably clear up a number of other issue
that have perplexed me for years.  Thank you very much for you patience and


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