I normally use 2.8.14 (from Lubuntu 15.10), but to have access to new/better
features when needed, I also have 2.9.3 installed (Windows, installed in WINE,
from http://nightly.darkrefraction.com/gimp/).
Yesterday, I edited a file in 2.9.3 to use the better ForegroundSelect, and
saved it (also exported to .jpg). Today, I realized I never did Levels on the
image, and tried to bring it up in 2.8.14 (As I am not aware of any
new/wonderful changes in the 2.9.x Levels tool).
2.8.14 told me that "Opening '/data/scott/Desktop/100_0642&5.xcf' failed: XCF
error: unsupported XCF file version 8 encountered" (see screenshot).

Will this always happen, if I try to open a file saved in an earlier-vintage
Is there some way around it?
Obviously, I can always bring up the .jpg file instead (with a (probably small)
loss of quality),
but is this expected behaviour, or is it a bug?



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