> scott092707 (for...@gimpusers.com) wrote:
> > Will this always happen, if I try to open a file saved in an earlier-vintage
> > GIMP?

Simon Budig writes:
> No, this will not always happen, just when you use features that are not
> available in the older gimp version - e.g. high precision pixel formats.

If I load a JPEG into git master built a few days ago, make no
changes and immediately save as XCF, then exit and try to open
that XCF in GIMP 2.8, it fails:
  "Opening '/tmp/can7795-scale.xcf' failed: XCF error:
  unsupported XCF file version 8 encountered"

It would be great if the files were incompatible only if you use
new features that the old XCF doesn't support, as Simon says; but
so far, it seems XCFs saved by 2.9 are never compatible with 2.8.

I've wished many times for a way to save "old XCF" format. I've been
using 2.9 for most of my GIMPing, but there are a few images I'd
like to be able to share with other people or edit on machines that
don't have the libraries needed for 2.9. I try to remember to edit
those images only with 2.8, but I forget, and once they've been
saved with 2.9 even once they're forever out of reach of 2.8.

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