The GPL v2 license, under which GIMP is licensed, states that anyone
selling or redistributing GIMP must provide links to source code. RollApp
is charging for a number of features within GIMP, including the ability to
save files, and does not link to the source code anywhere on their website.
I have contacted RollApp about this issue, and they have stated that they
are not redistributing GIMP and that they have worked with GIMP developers
to put GIMP on RollApp:

> Hello,
> Thanks for sharing your concern with us.
> There are two major things related to open source applications being
available on rollApp.
> First, we are not distributing or redistributing applications. We provide
a service on top of which the applications are running.
> Second, to run applications on rollApp we use binaries provided by the
developers themselves. We do not modify applications in any way (in fact,
that's one
> of the strengths of the technology we develop).
> For all of the open source applications we provide links to their
developers' web site, where one can get binaries and source should they
want to do so.
> We are in communication with many developers of open source applications
available on our platform, including LibreOffice, OpenOffice, GIMP and
> None of them had any objections regarding their apps being available on
rollApp. In fact, they support the idea of bringing their apps to
devices, where
> are not normally available such as Chromebooks, iPads, and other tablets,
which is enabled by rollApp.
> Thank you and have a nice day,
> Dima Malenko
> CTO, rollApp Inc.

I am sending this to confirm if RollApp's claims are true, as it seemed
unlikely for a very Copyleft organization like GIMP to allow for it to be
sold this way.
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