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> The GPL v2 license, under which GIMP is licensed

GNU GPL v3, at least if you are referring to recent releases.

> I am sending this to confirm if RollApp's claims are true, as it seemed
> unlikely for a very Copyleft organization like GIMP to allow for it to be
> sold this way.

I'm pretty sure that GIMP would have to be distributed under the GNU
AGPL in order to require anyone to release their code changes - but
regardless of that, basing a paid service on it would be perfectly legal.


One could argue that they are providing a Service as a Software
Substitute, as described in


But as the FSF states, this is not addressed by either the GNU GPL or
GNU AGPL, and probably not addressable in a Free Software license.

Maybe you can point out what exactly should be prevented, without
compromising the Freedom that's promoted by Free Software?

The one part in that statement that is - IMO - not entirely true is the
thing about being "in communication"; I think we basically ignore them.

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