On 05/12/15 19:13, Hugo M wrote:
I need a plugin for copying image coordinates to clipboard when I click a
point in an image. This is because I need to manually copy some coordinates
of some points in images, but I'd really like to just click a point and
then the coordinates are copied into the clipboard. That will really boost
my productivity in this task.

If there is no plugin to do something like that, I'd appreciate any clue of
how to create that plugin.

A completely different way of doing it, but possibly just as efficient: use the path editor, making an anchor on each point for which you want to export the coordinates, then use my path-csv script to export the path (ie, all the points in one go) to a CSV file:

Doc: http://gimp-path-tools.sourceforge.net/tools.shtml#path-csv
Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-path-tools/files/scripts/path-csv-0.1.py/download
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