El sáb, 05-12-2015 a las 13:00 -0500, Steve Kinney escribió:
> On 12/05/2015 11:36 AM, Ofnuts wrote:
> > > > Wouldn't it be useful to have a different file extension for
> > > > the new
> > > > high-precision contents?
Speaking strictly from a user perspective, it always sucks when you try
to open a file and the program fails to open complaining that it was
created with a newer version. It's awful UX.
Personally, I would prefer that the program warns me that the file was
created with a newer version and some features can be missing and open
at least something.

As GIMP is going to take some time to be released, it's probably a
better idea to try to keep some two way compatibility for the people
who's going to use 2.9 as part of their production pipelines.
I know that 2.9.x is a development version and it's not ready yet, but
since it has some really attractive features, some people will use it
as a complement for GIMP 2.8.x
I'm one of those users. I use GIMP stable mainly for my work, but high
bit depth editing is attractive since it allows me to do some things
that aren't possible with 8 bpc sRGB. Once GIMP 2.10 is out I will
definitely use it, but for now, I'm going to use it only for some
tasks, as a complement for the stable version.
The XCF version incompatibility is certainly a hurdle.

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