i would like to get coordinates for pictures that look like EKG-Diagrams
example: http://www.clker.com/cliparts/U/3/3/c/2/t/ekg-black-hi.png

the resolution i need should be enough to recreate the image with mathplotlib and have it look almost identical...for the human eye.

a x/y output in a csv format or something like that would be great.

do you guys have any idea how to accomplish that?
the pictures i read in will be "made by hand", but they will have a pure white / pure black so working with opencv should also be possible but i guess theres a easier solution in gimp, i wont work with that much image material.

found this script that is supposed to work with gimp:

installed it according to http://gimp-path-tools.sourceforge.net/ (on the right)
copying, setting executable...

now it  should show up in the right click menu when creating a path...
but when i create a path in my image and right click on it i dont even see the word "path" in the popup menu...where can i find it?
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