On 12/16/2015 03:32 PM, Simon Budig wrote:
But how would that work? When these tabs are not there - how would it be
visible that there are other tabs beneath it, and how would you switch
to one of the tabs beneath?

My apologies if I don't understand the real topic of this thread. But I think it's about having the option to not show the image tabs at the top in single window mode.

I don't use single-window mode, and one reason why I don't use single window mode is because the tabs are really big and there's no way to hide them so the image can take up more space vertically. Those tabs result in wasted screen real estate.

If there were a way to hide the tabs, then to switch images, the user would:

1. right-click to bring up the menu bar (assuming the menu bar is not already shown - I hide the menu bar even in multi-window mode to provide more vertical screen real estate)

2. click on the desired image.

Or else use alt-# to switch between image windows.


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