On 12/18/2015 07:20 AM, Michael Schumacher wrote:
>> Gesendet: Freitag, 18. Dezember 2015 um 06:53 Uhr

>> Here's the reason:
>> 172 brushes
>> 112 script-fu scripts
>> 92 fonts
>> 1 python plugin
> You write "reason". Got any profiling data that supports this and pinpoints 
> the exact reason for the delay? 
> I'm asking because I couldn't claim this myself without that kind of 
> research, but you might have done it already - you've probably checked 
> whether startup is faster with less scripts, plug-ins and such, and slower 
> with more, ...

I said that because the GIMP splash screen displays a status area
where one can watch its progress in scanning and indexing all the
optional components.  When that's done, the splash screen closes and
the application opens.  It's fairly obvious.


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