Hello All!

This is my first post and I'm a bit familiar with GIMP but am still kind of a
newbie to the program. I particularly got it so that I could create my own
signature for a forum that I participate on regularly.

I recently hit a road block that I can't seem to get around and I'm not sure if
it's possible at all. I wanted to make an animated Gif image and I wanted the
original gif to be transparent. I didn't know any other way to do this, so I
simply separated all 54 frames and edited each photo myself, and then
re-formatted them back into a gif. I then opened as layers each of the frames.

I used the "Lighten Only" effect on the rest of the images on the signature, so
I wanted to keep the gif that way too. This required me to go through each of
the 54 frames and select "Lighten Only". At first, I ran into this problem
http://imgur.com/l5fiKq7. Even though each frame said "replace", it didn't seem
to actually replace the previous frame.

Then I downloaded an animation script called "Animastack". I put [bg] on the
background frame and [fg] on the foreground frame and then "processed animastack
tags" and it grouped together all frames with the foreground and background so I
had 54 separate groups. When I did the "playback" though, it worked! IT FINALLY
WORKED! i was so happy; I had spent so long trying to get it to work.

Then I tried to export the file as a gif and ran into the "indexed or grayscale"
issue. Is there ANY WAY to export this without changing the colors? Anything
other than "gif" that I could export to that would have a similar effect?

Thank you for reading!! I appreciate any feedback/suggestions.

pickupthestix16 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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