I'm writing to you after a very frustrating couple of hours.  Have to admit to 
being a complete novice, but I'm having a real problem even getting the 
simplest thing to work - ie Saving an image in gimp.   When I try to save 
anything (in the default format) in the "Save as" window, there is no option to 
Save in the window, neither is the image in the preview pane.  
I tried uninstalling gimp and reinstalling it in case anything had got creased 
up in the original installation, but the re-installed exactly the same, right 
down to one small alteration I had made which was to put the layers tab into 
the toolbox. 
I do hope you can help, because i really like the look of this bit of software, 
and as an artist who is just wanting to produce some camera ready art/graphic 
design work, it seems just what I'm looking for.
Happy New Year to you! Griz
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