On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 3:26 AM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:

> There is *not* a "NEF issue" as .nef is a nikon proprietary file which
> need dcraw or ufraw front end to open and pass to gimp.  gimp by itself
> cannot open a nef file.  I don't work on windows, but linux.  Partha may
> have added something to his gimp packages to facilitate opening non-open
> format files, but to my knowledge, gimp must call an external program to
> pass nef files to it.  gimp is *not* photoshop.

This not entirely correct. Or, to be more precise, this is entirely incorrect.

Unstable version of GIMP has a plugin that reads/export from/to a
number of file formats supported in GEGL. One of them is NEF, which is
supposed to be loaded via libraw (not dcraw), but doesn't appear to be
loaded properly for some reason.

The stable version of GIMP doesn't have this plugin and, therefore,
doesn't have this issue. Therefore, the solution is to stick to the
stable version until this is resolved one way or another.

Windows vs. Linux are irrelevant.

Photoshop is irrelevant (ACR is a plugin, just like UFRaw).

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