>Just wanted to add yet another voice to the "really annoyed" list.
>That is all.

I came here and other gimp related sites to try to find some solution to always
asking settings of exporting/saving an image in jpeg format and to bypass the
dialog saying it was unsaved

then i read a lot of the complains, i used gimp before and not take to much work
to understand the new export by myself in the new version, i kind of
"understand" the reasons some developers had make it clear as the reason of
changing it.

But then start reading things like this

"with the new way you are assured to not lost unsaved work by mistake" something
about that you can back and save jpg from xfc but not the other way around,
anyway, that developers are justifying the change by blaming the users, as in
"we need to put it because users are so dumb that we need to protect them by
this changes" while in reality all users had been doing it this way for years
without complaining about "unsafe" save/export methods that had to change.

"you are not the target group of gimp, most users of gimp today just export to
dropbox and thats it" well, i dont know whats your focusing group, clearly
companies like adobe ask some of their users what features they want, they
implement some that most will like, they surely dont ask all their users to
change the way they had been doing things for years, but i had a theory "one
dumb developer lost some image permanently by mistake and that moron change gimp
so he will never made that mistake again, and he is so dumb so it will happen
again for sure, so all the rest users of gimp need to live with the new way,
cause he can do whatever he want with gimp, he develop it"

"if you are only croping and saving, you may not need gimp, use something else"
holy crap, when i read this, i know all are lost, had you ever read microsoft
saying "windows is not for you try something else"

I stop using ubuntu cause developers start alineating people, doing what they
wanted because they know what we all wanted, something like that, now i remember
that i start using gimp cause i had to, cause it was the only option in ubuntu
(even after ubuntu axed it years ago) but now, i dont use ubuntu, in fact i had
to search for a distro to use gimp, i came hear looking for a solution to one
problem, like i do years ago with ubuntu, and i get the same repsonse that ubutu
developers give years ago

"If you dont like it, dont use it" well, i had not used ubuntu in yeras and
probably will never do again, and all my people, that are legion will not use it
either, after today gimp its in the black list a long ubuntu

allthattotell (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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