On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 12:30 AM, allthattotell wrote:

> "we need to put it because users are so dumb that we need to protect them by
> this changes" while in reality all users had been doing it this way for years
> without complaining about "unsafe" save/export methods that had to change.
> "you are not the target group of gimp, most users of gimp today just export to
> dropbox and thats it" well, i dont know whats your focusing group, clearly
> companies like adobe ask some of their users what features they want, they
> implement some that most will like, they surely dont ask all their users to
> change the way they had been doing things for years, but i had a theory "one
> dumb developer lost some image permanently by mistake and that moron change 
> gimp
> so he will never made that mistake again, and he is so dumb so it will happen
> again for sure, so all the rest users of gimp need to live with the new way,
> cause he can do whatever he want with gimp, he develop it"


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