Everyone just rebuild gimp with my patch
and be happy

>The first part -- prompting you for the export settings -- is actually
>expected to happen the first export per image session.  Depending on
>which filetype you're outputting to, some settings could make or break
>compatibility with specific apps (e.g. I seem to recall one of the BMP
>export options doing precisely this, if it was set wrong then Win32
>APIs refused to read the file) .  At least some export types (e.g.
>JPG) allow you to save and load export settings....
>As for the second part, confirm closing of exported-not-saved images,
>personally I would prefer this to be a preferences option but I've
>never seen any support for the idea expressed by GIMP devs.  (Though I
>haven't   exactly been tracking it, either.)  However, didn't somebody
>make a plug-in that calls the Export command then resets the image's
>dirty flag?  It does not replace the existing Export command but it
>would save you the extra prompt when closing the window.
>On a tangent (feel free to split this), I typically run GIMP in
>single-window mode and I would really like an option that if more than
>one image is open in SWM, closing the window will ALWAYS prompt if you
>want to do this, regardless of whether those images are saved. 
>(Analogous to Firefox prompting if you want to close a window that has
>multiple open tabs on it.)
>-- Stratadrake
>Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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