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> I joined this list because my Mac wouldn't open Gimp because it wasn't from 
> the Apple Store. I figured it out, though, and I have Gimp working. Now I 
> just need to learn it. It doesn't look too different than Photoshop.
> Sent from my brain.

Beware:  The tool set and workflow in GIMP and Photoshop are
different enough to make the transition from one to the other a
major challenge, at least in my experience.

A few years ago somebody gave me a copy of Photoshop.  Initially I
discovered that I could not get it to do several very basic and
necessary things, so I resolved to try harder:  I found tutorials
and manuals and resolved to use nothing else to edit photos for one
month, as a real test drive.  Two weeks later, I uninstalled
Photoshop - not because "it sucks," obviously it does not if one is
used to it.  But I found that it just wasn't worth the effort of
retraining to use it.

If you are at a 'beginner' skill level in Photoshop, getting used to
the GIMP probably won't be very hard.  But if you have been using
Photoshop long enough for its tools and workflow to have become
ingrained habits, expect non-stop annoyance, at best, when starting
out with the GIMP: "It should do this, but it does that instead,
aaaaargh!"  I think it would be worth the effort, your mileage may vary.

Some basic educational resources for new GIMP users:


Lots of tutorials and general inspiration, issue 1 has a very
excellent list of online resources for GIMP students:


My own tutorial, which presents some basic information and shows the
configuration tweaks I use to set up the GIMP for daily use:


You already found the tech support department - that's us kids on
the GIMP User list.  Do try searching the archive before asking
questions that have been answered over and over again...



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