As a long time Photoshop user, I have to agree. One thing you'll discover 
fairly quickly, I think, is the way GIMP handles brushes. I've been using GIMP 
for over a year, and the brushes palette still causes occasional consternation.

But it's absolutely worth it. I liked PS, thought it a good program, but I 
wouldn't have it back if it was free.

I also recommend The Book of Gimp by Lecarme and Delvare. Saved me a lot of 
pulled hair—and I'm bald. =^D


On Feb 13, 2016, at 3:55 AM, Steve Kinney wrote:

> On 02/12/2016 09:32 PM, Robin Reed wrote:
>> I joined this list because my Mac wouldn't open Gimp because it wasn't from 
>> the Apple Store. I figured it out, though, and I have Gimp working. Now I 
>> just need to learn it. It doesn't look too different than Photoshop.
>> Sent from my brain.
> Beware:  The tool set and workflow in GIMP and Photoshop are
> different enough to make the transition from one to the other a
> major challenge, at least in my experience.
> A few years ago somebody gave me a copy of Photoshop.  Initially I
> discovered that I could not get it to do several very basic and
> necessary things, so I resolved to try harder:  I found tutorials
> and manuals and resolved to use nothing else to edit photos for one
> month, as a real test drive.  Two weeks later, I uninstalled
> Photoshop - not because "it sucks," obviously it does not if one is
> used to it.  But I found that it just wasn't worth the effort of
> retraining to use it.
> If you are at a 'beginner' skill level in Photoshop, getting used to
> the GIMP probably won't be very hard.  But if you have been using
> Photoshop long enough for its tools and workflow to have become
> ingrained habits, expect non-stop annoyance, at best, when starting
> out with the GIMP: "It should do this, but it does that instead,
> aaaaargh!"  I think it would be worth the effort, your mileage may vary.
> Some basic educational resources for new GIMP users:
> Lots of tutorials and general inspiration, issue 1 has a very
> excellent list of online resources for GIMP students:
> My own tutorial, which presents some basic information and shows the
> configuration tweaks I use to set up the GIMP for daily use:
> You already found the tech support department - that's us kids on
> the GIMP User list.  Do try searching the archive before asking
> questions that have been answered over and over again...
> :o)
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