I checked the Gotprint site. PDF is an acceptable format to send to them. When I design magazines I send out PDFs to the printers.

Photos should be 300 dpi, CMYK tiffs if you can, not jpegs. "RGB must be converted to CMYK for print." Artwork CMYK, 600 dpi or better. Output all to PDF if you can. No compression, i.e. highest resolution.


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Hi guys!

I'm an amateur photo-editor, and have a decent understanding of Gimp basics.

I am designing a business card for myself to be uploaded to gotprint.com

I am using a 2.5inx3.5in. vertical layout. In the past I have used the basic
online editor provided by gotprint to design a logo, this time I wanted to do it
on Gimp to leave myself more options for editing.

I need to include a photo of myself on the card. I have a hq photo taken by a
Canon DSLR, and it looks great. When I create a new project on Gimp to the
specific size of 2.5"x3.5" I have to shrink the image down, as it is around
2800x4200 pixels. Whenever I do this I lose A LOT of quality.

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