I am having difficulty setting the units for an image. By default my 
GIMP installation (OS X/GIMP v2.8.16) displays the image size in 
pixels, print size in mm and resolution in ppi - as in the Image 
Properties dialog. I would like the print size info to be consistent 
with the resolution info. I believe this ought to be configurable but 
can't find how to do this.

I looked at Image > Print Size and the Set Image Print Resolution 
dialog. By default the print size is shown in mm and resolution in ppi 
(pixels/in).  I hit the Reset button, and this configures the 
resolution into pixels/mm after which the Image properties dialog at 
least dispalays both print size and resolution in millimetres and 
pixels/mm respectively, but of course I would like the info both in 
imperial inches.

You might think (like me) that changing the Set Image Print Resolution 
dialog to Inches and pxcels/in respectively would do the trick, but no! 
If after I then open the Image Properties dialog the Print size is 
displayed in millimeters and the resolution in ppi. Also, if I re-open 
Set Image Print Resolution the Print Size property has defaulted back 
to mm.

Thanks in anticipation.

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