On 02/20/2016 10:35 AM, akovia wrote:

>> When turning sharp corners, I zoom in and place  the corner
node's handles on the lines leading away from the vertex.

> This is exactly the problem. The only way to ensure this is to zoom in
> to almost max extents on every single node. This is very
cumbersome and
> time consuming and was not required before. I've already done a few
> things with my workflow to try and compensate for this, especially
if I
> know ahead of time I will be stoking the path, but it's been difficult
> to completely change everything about how I work after doing it
> successfully for years a certain way without problems.

Aha.  That's a challenging one.

Shot in the dark:  Have you tried just using the Lasso tool - which
will also play connect the dots - to make selections, then convert
the selection to a path?  If that works it might point to other
options in the "area selection" arena that could be useful.

I might play with that later just for the heck of it...


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