> Shot in the dark:  Have you tried just using the Lasso tool - which
> will also play connect the dots - to make selections, then convert
> the selection to a path?  If that works it might point to other
> options in the "area selection" arena that could be useful.
> I might play with that later just for the heck of it...

Thanks for thinking of ideas to try, but I don't think the lasso will
fit my needs.

I did want to check for myself and went back and found an old xcf that I
had used a stoke on and still had that stroke on a layer. Then I stroked
it again on a new layer so you can see the difference between the old
and new gimp.

What I discovered is that the handles on the old gimp were pulled out as
well, but stroking didn't show those minor imperfections. Maybe this
will help get to the root of the problem.

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