> I agree with Rick. Although this issue needs to be taken care of, GIMP
> doesn't seem the most appropriate tool for the work you're doing.
> As long as GIMP doesn't have a vector layer feature, the strokes
> produced with this technique will be always resolution-dependent, which
> is not really useful for what you're doing (i.e. if your source image
> is low resolution, your strokes will be low-res too, and you won't be
> able to scale them up keeping detail and smoothness).
> Use inkscape instead, it will work better and you'll keep the
> editability of the strokes all the time.
That's fine. I'll just keep working around the issue as needed. I don't
stroke very often, so when I do I can weigh my options then.
For the work I'm doing, gimp has been the perfect tool. I can use gimp's
features to find edges, give contrast, and many other functions on the
fly while tracing a path. I also have no need to scale up after making a
path for this work. I always start with the largest source I can find
and always scale down from there. Not having to switch between programs
saves me a lot of time. 
When I need to create a vector image, or have use for angled guides, I
will then fire up Inkscape.

It just strikes me funny that there is a built in excuse to not improve,
or fix bugs for the path tool. 
"Use Inkscape"
It's not a bad excuse for sure, but when functionality is going
backwards, I would think it should be looked at and fixed if possible.
My 2 cents.

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