El sáb, 20-02-2016 a las 13:12 -0500, akovia escribió:
> It just strikes me funny that there is a built in excuse to not
> improve,
> or fix bugs for the path tool. 
> "Use Inkscape"

Not at all. I'm just a user like you. I honestly think that Inkscape is
a more appropriate tool for what you're trying to do than GIMP.

> It's not a bad excuse for sure, but when functionality is going
> backwards, I would think it should be looked at and fixed if
> possible.

As I mentioned in my message, I agree that the problem you found needs
to be addressed.
It looks like a bug and it means that it could keep somebody from doing
what they need with GIMP, so it has to be fixed.

That being said, I still think that a vector drawing program is more
adequate for that kind of uses. You gain editability, being able to see
the result (the stroke) as you draw, resolution-independence, etc. 

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