> Please note that you are currently taking part in the process of looking
> at it. The remarks above seem a bit unjustified when people are trying
> to help you to achieve your goal faster...

I apologize. This isn't the first time I've brought up path problems in
gimp and it always seems to end up being pointed to Inkscape. It was
knee-jerk and uncalled for. 

> That being said, I still think that a vector drawing program is more
> adequate for that kind of uses. You gain editability, being able to see
> the result (the stroke) as you draw, resolution-independence, etc. 

I do appreciate your suggestion, but for simple paths I really do prefer
gimp. Everything else I do with the image is done in gimp so It saves
time, generates less files, and it has served me well for many years.
Any path/vector function at all is better served in Inkscape for sure,
but gimp has a path tool exactly for simplistic path creations like
this. I just want to regain the functionality gimp used to have. Sorry
for the sharp remark.

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