On 26/02/16 18:59, akovia wrote:
Just curious if there was any way to bypass or modify the "Selection to
Path Advanced Settings" algorithms when working with the Ellipse
Selection Tool? A simple circle or ellipse produces a path with so many
unnecessary and non symmetric nodes that it makes it pretty useless. A
square selection will always give you 4 nodes, but I'm not sure why a
circle/ellipse selection will not.

There are tons of scripts/tools (mostly by ofnuts) that makes it less
painful to make a true circle path, but it seems like something that
should be easy to do with built in functions, and nothing would be
easier than being able to use the ellipse tool to eyeball your
ellipse/circle, then convert to path.

The problem is that once the selection is created, Gimp completely forgets that it came out of the ellipse selection tool. The same can be said for the rounded rectangle selection.

You have a a very valid point however, getting a circle/ellipse selection to overlap an existing circle/ellipse is not very easy; framing it with a rectangle selection and then getting the circle/ellipse that fits the rectangle would often be easier.
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