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> Subject: [Gimp-user] (Mis?)use of jigsaw filter
> I love the output of the jigsaw filter and would like to use it to laser 
> cut some jigsaw puzzles.
> However I have been unable to produce the obligatory single 0.001" line 
> that the laser cutter requires.
> Customarily I would use Inkscape to produce the final cutting template 
> but Inkscape treats the GIMP produced image as two lines with fill 
> between them.  Removing the fill is simple but, of course, leaves the 
> double lines.
> Does anyone have a solution in GIMP - or indeed in Inkscape - for this?
> Much appreciate any assistance.

This is not really something you can do in Inkscape because its bitmap trace 
necessarily traces both sides of each line.  However extracting the jigsaw 
pattern itself (albeit in bitmap form) is a simple operation in GIMP:

1 - Create a new layer, white, on top of the image.
2 - Execute a Jigsaw operation on that layer with a Highlight setting of zero. 
(a Bevel setting of 0px also works.)
3 - Go to the Layers > Transparency menu and perform a Color To Alpha using 
white as transparency.

If you absolutely need the cutting lines in vector form, what would be ideal 
here is for the Jigsaw filter to be able to output it as a GIMP path object 
instead of painting it onto the target layer but the plug-in doesn't do that in 
its current form.

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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